Eternal brushes,
how to take care of paintbrushes.

I’ve been using the current brushes for almost a year, but it was a bumpy road before I learned how to take care of them. My first brushes were destroyed after a few days of painting, one even during my first painting ever. Then I’ve invested in a natural bristle I insisted that I would do everything I could to make these brushes last as long as possible. Below how I’m doing this.

What do you need?

You don’t need anything special for that, but creativity is very welcome here, especially if you don’t want to spend any cash. Supply yourself with:

  • acrylic paint remover, those for nails is also good,
  • wax or hair conditioner,
  • brush holder, regular cup, etc. – check storing section,
  • and be systematic 😉

Never do things like that

First, learn, remember and never do not:

  • let the paint dry on the brush, ex. don’t even think about leaving dirty brushes.
  • buy synthetic bristle, it breaks more easily (synthetic has sense only for the drybrushes, etc.).
  • dip all the bristle hair in paint, up to half of its length is enough.
  • leave your brushes in a cup of water, it’s a recipe for a disaster. 
Miniatures painting brushes

Easy cleaning during and after painting

I do this every time I see my brush is to thick with paint or I have a break during painting. 

  • I just dip bristle in the water and then, for around 30 seconds, I make circles with the bristle on the palm of my hand. I repeat this as long as don’t see any new paint on my hand. 
  • Then I put a bristle on my tongue, close my lips and remove brush from my mouth – quick move to shape bristle to its default shape.

If you are after a session of painting, it’s a good moment to put some wax on the bristle to help keep it healthy.  Don’t have a wax? Use hair conditioner – natural bristle loves it.

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Forgot to clean systematic or your drybrush is dirty?

You gonna love this one. Consider acrylic paint remover as your new best friend. And you don’t have to use this one dedicated to the paints (although it’s still just a 1-2$). You can grab some nail polish remover also. Cleaning drybrushes, or brushes you forgot to clean, can be a challenge but now you can do this very easy:

  • pour some remover to some cap or another small container,
  • dip bristle in the remover,
  • drag the brush over a paper towel several times,
  • repeat 1-3 as long as you don’t see brush leaving paint marks on a towel.

Remover drys out fast, so u can return to the painting in no-time (although it’s a good idea to clean the brush with water, to be sure some remover leftovers do not interact with the paint on your mini. Secure with wax/conditioner is also recommended.

Formless Spawn from Mansion of Madness

Storage them like a pro

Last but not least important. Wrong storing can destroy your brushes forever. Remember to not leave them in the cup of water. But also do not store your brushes with a bristle to the top, never! They should be stored vertically with a bristle to the bottom, or at least horizontally. Of course, you can’t base your bristle on anything!

Use plastic bristle protectors you’ve got when you were buying the brush. Just put brush in the protector every time you want to store your paintbrush. Then you can just put it in the cup with the rest of the brushes or in the handler. You’ve lost your protectors? Be creative and make a brush hanger by yourself or buy a ready one.

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