final challenge


Pure Action
The final challenge is all about challenges, literally. Trough the game each player has to perform challenges he gets from the common deck, and if he successfully performs 5 of them in each color, he needs to perform the titled Final Challenge. Each card has a unique word on the backside, and five of them creates sentence reflecting your final challenge. Through the game, you’ll gain new skills and passive traits, and you will force other players to do challenges you do not want to.

Dozing craziness
Final Challenge has a Basic deck and two available expansions which means you can mix and match cards from different decks depending on who you’re playing with. In short, here are the details regarding each deck:

  • The basic deck is the SFW version of the Final Challenge. The one you can play with your family without getting a weird look. Example? “React like an angry cat at any attempt of human conversation until your next draw”
  • The twisted expansion contains challenges, scenarios, and art that is weird, unusual, and out of the ordinary. There will be magic, creativity, fantasy and just plain bizarre moments that will make you scratch your head. “You have 15 seconds to lay an egg, or at least try”
  • The content of the Rated R expansion really packs a punch. It’s cringe-worthy, hilarious, and borderline unmanageable. Example? “Choose one person who is most likely the pervert and blow their cover by breathing heavily behind their back for 15 sec.

Pushing boundaries
When the basic deck is rather safe than both Twisted and Rated R expansion push boundaries of things you need to do or say to win the game. To truly enjoy the full game potential you need a very easy-going group of friends not bothering to look or sound crazy and silly. If you approach Final Challenge as a drinking game, it would be even easier to have full fun with it. But if your friends don’t like to fool around that much, then the Final Challenge could be too intimidating.

Insane replayability
With the box, we get in total 84 really, really different challenges. It’s a decent amount to not making the game repetitive after a few sessions but what’s make the game almost ultimately replayable are final challenges. Eighty for a card, each with a unique word on the back, forms dozens of millions of combinations, ensuring each Final Challenge would be different with each session.

Rulebook needs polishing
The rulebook is a short one, which is great as long as it covers every aspect fully and is not leaving players with extra questions. When most of the Final Challenge rulebook is clear enough to run the session, we have some gaps like what means “players satisfied with your performance”. It’s a very subjective approach and leaves too much room for speculations.

+ Pure action and emotions through the whole gameplay.
+ Good choice for a drinking game.
+ Gradation of challenges helps to adjust the gameplay to the players
+ Guarantee awesome experience if it hits the right group of players…
– but if not, it could feel awkward and cringy.
– Rules are not clear enough, and with some gaps.