Craft Stunning Miniature Bases with Everyday Household Items

Runebound miniatures painted with bases

DYI miniature bases without any budget

Elevate your miniature painting hobby by creating detailed and immersive bases without breaking the bank. With a touch of ingenuity and some common household items, you can bring your board game, war game, and RPG game miniatures to life. Here’s how to turn everyday objects into miniature masterpieces.

What You Need from Home

Forget pricey hobby store materials. Your home is a treasure trove of base-making supplies:

  • Paper glue: Perfect for adhering light materials.
  • Stronger adhesive: Like super glue, for heavier items.
  • Dry kitchen spices: Black tea, basil, oregano, dill, marjoram, parsley, allspice, curry—each offers unique textures and colors.
  • Natural elements: Little rocks, twigs, and bark can be found just outside your door.

The key is to experiment. Mix spices, combine elements, and discover new effects that enhance your bases.

Step-by-Step Base Decoration

Creating a detailed base is straightforward:

  1. Attach heavy elements: Use strong glue to secure rocks or twigs to the base.
  2. Apply paper glue: Coat the rest of the base, ready for lighter materials.
  3. Add texture: Generously sprinkle your choice of spices over the glue. Gently press them down to adhere.
  4. Wait and adjust: Allow the glue to set, then shake off the excess.

For added depth, layer different spices and repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the look.

Tips for Perfect Bases Every Time

  • Use what you have: Even the most mundane kitchen spices can mimic grass, dirt, or sand.
  • Layer for effect: Combine materials to create depth and realism.
  • Test durability: Blow on the base to ensure elements are secure. If needed, add more glue and reapply spices.


With these simple steps and a sprinkle of creativity, you can craft amazing miniature bases that bring your games to life. So, raid your kitchen, take a walk outside, and start creating!

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