Knee Deep in Hexes: Prototype Review and Impressions

Knee Deep in Hexes

Hexing It Up With Strategy

Welcome to the hexagon hustle – “Knee Deep in Hexes” is the latest board game capturing our tabletops and hearts with its cunning blend of strategy and simplicity. It’s time to dive into this hex-based battleground that’s as easy to pick up as your morning cup of joe but has enough depth to keep you strategizing till the midnight oil burns low.

Ease of Play – Straight Out of the Box

Cracking into “Knee Deep in Hexes” is a breeze. The rulebook is as thin as a pancake but don’t be deceived – it packs a punch. You’ll go from newbie to know-it-all in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee, getting right into the heat of battle without the headache of heavy rule-learning.

Lightning Fast or Chess-Like Pace – You Decide

Whether you’re the lightning-fast strategist or the pondering tactician, this game molds to your pace. With its roots in the classic RTS genre, resource management here is as smooth as butter, and the action cards throw in just enough spice to keep things interesting without drowning the game in luck.

Hex-Based Brilliance – Strategy at Its Core

Forget the rulers and protractors; “Knee Deep in Hexes” keeps it neat with a crystal-clear hex system. Positioning is king, and anticipation is your queen in this game of cerebral showdowns. It’s all about making the most strategic moves and out-thinking your opponent.

Lean Army, Mean Strategy

If you’re used to an armada of units at your disposal, you might find the selection here a bit on the lean side. But that’s where “Knee Deep in Hexes” shines. It’s not about the number of troops; it’s how you use them. Quality over quantity is the mantra for victory here.


“Knee Deep in Hexes” is a strategist’s playground and a minimalist’s dream. It’s the perfect storm of easy-to-learn gameplay with a depth that satisfies the most hardcore strategy buffs. With its imminent Kickstarter launch, it’s time to clear some shelf space – this is one duel in the world of hexes you won’t want to miss out on. – David

Hype & Hopes: 9.0/10

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