Cangaceiros: Honest & Precise Review


Banditry and Bravado in the Brazilian Backlands

Step into the dusty boots of a Brazilian bandit in Cangaceiros, a board game that brings the daring life of the historical cangaço to your table. As a game that marries area control with a dash of role-playing, players lead their bands across the sertão, plotting heists, skirmishing with rivals, and seeking to become the most infamous bandit leader of them all. This fusion of strategy and narrative storytelling is as refreshing as a breeze on a hot Brazilian afternoon.

Strategic Depth with Simple Elegance

Cangaceiros shines with mechanics that are easy to learn but hard to master. The game’s balance between resource management and tactical movement allows for a streamlined experience without sacrificing strategic depth. The players’ choices of raids, trades, and alliances forge a varied path each time you play, giving a sense of fresh challenges and opportunities.

The Lore of the Lampião

The game’s narrative is steeped in the lore of Lampião, the most iconic cangaço leader, which infuses each session with historical flavor. The thematic elements are not just pasted on; they’re woven into the mechanics, with each bandit’s actions echoing the folkloric deeds of their real-life counterparts. This commitment to theme provides a rich, immersive experience that honors the source material.

Diverse Gameplay and Dynamic Encounters

With a map that changes each game and a deck of event cards that can turn the tide of fortune, Cangaceiros ensures that no two playthroughs are the same. The inclusion of multiple bandit factions with unique abilities adds layers of replayability and strategy, challenging players to adapt their tactics with each new game.

Visual Feast of Colors and Culture

The artwork is a vibrant homage to the cangaço culture, with illustrations that bring the characters and the Brazilian backlands to life. The visual storytelling is compelling, pulling players into the world of Cangaceiros and holding them there with its colorful table presence. What I don’t like here is the iconography – not transparent enough, and it’s design doesn’t match the overall style of the game.

Components and Quality: A Minor Quibble

While the gameplay of Cangaceiros is robust, some might find the component quality lacking compared to other deluxe offerings on the market. However, this minor quibble is easily overshadowed by the game’s affordable price point, making it accessible to a wider audience without compromising on the play experience.


Cangaceiros is a blend of strategy, theme, and historical adventure. It’s a title that invites players into the little-known world of Brazilian bandits with open arms and a full heart. Whether you’re a history buff, a strategy guru, or just a fan of great board games, Cangaceiros is a game that can steal your attention and keep it long after the last loot has been divvied up, if you just close eyes for some minor issues and poor iconography – David

Scratches: 7.0/10

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