Atlantis Rising 2nd Edition: Honest & Precise Review

Atlantis Rising

An Epic Cooperative Quest: Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising, published by Elf Creek Games, is a cooperative worker placement game that transports players to the mythical island of Atlantis. In this game, players unite as Atlantean leaders, working together to construct a cosmic gate to save their civilization from an impending doom. The game’s engaging theme and cooperative nature make it a standout choice for board game enthusiasts.

Uniting Against the Tide: Gameplay Mechanics

The core of Atlantis Rising revolves around strategic worker placement and resource management. Players place their Atlantean meeples on various peninsulas, each offering unique resources vital for constructing the cosmic gate. The game incorporates a thrilling push-your-luck element, as players must balance the risk of placing workers on increasingly unstable peninsulas against the potential rewards. This tension between risk and reward is the crux of the Atlantis Rising experience.

Aesthetics That Dazzle: Visuals and Components

The second edition of Atlantis Rising shines in its visual and component quality. The game boasts beautifully designed resources, from the mystic energy tokens to the oversized dice, adding to its immersive nature. The player boards, cosmic gate tiles, and island pieces are made from thick, durable cardboard, ensuring a lasting gaming experience. The attention to detail in the game’s design enhances its appeal and makes it a visually captivating addition to any collection.

Strategic Depth and Player Interaction

Atlantis Rising is a game of deep strategic planning and active player interaction. The cooperative aspect requires players to constantly communicate and adapt their strategies based on the evolving state of the game. Each player’s unique leader abilities add another layer of strategy, as coordinating these powers can significantly impact the game’s outcome. The game’s strategic depth ensures that each playthrough is a unique and challenging experience.

Scaling the Challenge: Player Counts and Game Flow

One of Atlantis Rising’s strengths is its scalability. The game provides a balanced and engaging experience regardless of the player count. In larger groups, the game becomes a dynamic battle against the rising waters, with players frantically working together to gather resources and construct the gate. In smaller groups, the game offers a more tactical and measured approach, focusing on efficient use of resources and strategic planning.

The Rulebook: A Minor Stumbling Block

While Atlantis Rising is a stellar game, its rulebook presents a slight challenge. Some players may find the rules less intuitive and requiring a bit more effort to fully grasp. However, once players overcome this initial hurdle, the game’s mechanics and flow become clear, leading to a rewarding gaming experience.


Atlantis Rising is a beautifully crafted cooperative board game that combines strategic depth with stunning visuals. Its theme of saving a sinking Atlantis through teamwork and resource management makes it a compelling and immersive experience. The game’s scalability ensures that it remains engaging and challenging for different player counts, making it a versatile addition to any board game collection. Despite the minor hiccup with the rulebook, Atlantis Rising is a must-play for fans of cooperative and strategy board games. Its unique blend of mechanics, coupled with its thematic richness, makes it a game that shouldn’t be missed. – David

Scratches: 7.0/10.0

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