Our personal best 10 board games for 2022

Still honest, very subjective.

Deciding which games were actually published in 2022 is not that simple. In the passing year, we have played board games at different stages of production, from early prototypes, through secret projects, older games, and new hot premiers to massive Kickstarters. To pick up the very few titles for this ranking, we used very simple rules. If the game arrived at our doorstep between 1st December 2021 and the last day of November 2022, and according to the boardgames geek it was originally published not earlier than January 2021, the game had a chance to be in this chart. This way we can include here particular games without worrying about different dates of retail, KS, and other premiers. Cutting from this list of games that arrived at our home this December guarantees we had enough time to play each mentioned game enough to put it on this top list. And ultimately, the game needs to be a blast for us.