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At Bestie Geeks, we are fueled by an unbridled passion for board games, and we wear our geeky hearts on our sleeves! Meet the dynamic duo behind it all – David & Greg, a happy couple 🏳️‍🌈, living and breathing everything related to board games. We have immense respect for the tireless efforts of the board game community, including designers, publishers, and gamers alike, and we are truly proud to be an integral part of this vibrant world.

Here’s why we stand out

Top-Notch IG Content Creators
With an active presence spanning over 5 incredible years, we have grown to become one of the foremost Instagram content creators in the board game realm.

Web, Youtube, and FB Reach
Our coverage extends beyond Instagram to encompass our WWW, YouTube, and Facebook channels, ensuring we engage with our audience on all fronts.

Stunning Visual Excellence
While the gameplay is the heart of our content, we guarantee that every piece we produce is visually polished, adding a layer of excitement to your bg experience.

Worldwide Appeal
While our base is in Poland, our reach knows no bounds, with a diverse audience primarily hailing from Western Europe and the United States.

Utmost Professionalism
We take our work seriously, so you can rely on us for punctuality, dedication, and a personalized approach that caters to your unique needs.

Transparency at the Core
Honesty and transparency are our guiding principles. We value your feedback as we continually strive to improve and better serve our community.

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Beastie Geeks HQ is based in Warsaw, Poland. You’re welcome to visit us if you’re passing by!

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