Rone Invasion: Full Solo Playthrough

RONE: Invasion is a strategic post-apo deck and dice-building game

RONE: Invasion is a strategic post-apocalyptic deck and dice building game for 1 or 2 players (expandable to 1 to 4) and features unique dice that can be customized during the game. Players start with a set of starter cards. As the game progresses, players add additional cards to their deck by training them. During each turn, players roll these dice and each colored screw that’s rolled can be used to collect a resource of the same color. Collected resources can be used for various effects, mainly for playing cards. Improve your dice, train your army and show your enemies that you would rather die than surrender. The game features two different game modes: Cooperative Mode, and Competitive Mode. In Cooperative mode, players collectively take on Celesta and her forces and try to stop the Invasion. In Competitive mode, players challenge each other in one-on-one combat.