Teraphobia: Honest & Precise Prototype Review.


Embrace the Darkness

Teraphobia beckons players into a realm of dark horror, where they embody mystical monsters tasked with instilling fear and terror among the populace. Set in a fast-paced, 1vs1 card game format, Teraphobia promises an intense and immersive experience.

Outstanding Graphic Design

The game’s outstanding graphic design sets the stage for its chilling atmosphere. Each card is meticulously crafted with black-and-white pencil sketches, perfectly capturing the game’s horror theme and enhancing its immersive qualities.

Diverse Cast of Monsters

Players have the opportunity to control three of many different monsters, each with its own unique skill that influences gameplay. From the Vampir to the Baba Yaga, Banshee, or Ghoul, the diverse cast of monsters adds depth and variety to each playthrough.

Tactical Gameplay and High Interaction

Teraphobia offers fast-paced but strategic gameplay, with a high level of interaction between players. The goal is to defeat humans by lowering their courage using cards in the deck, requiring players to carefully plan their moves and anticipate their opponent’s actions.

Dynamic Card Mechanics

Each defeated person in Teraphobia has a different value on the backside of the cards, which players use to purchase cards from common displays. Additionally, humans possess their own skills that modify the game, adding layers of complexity and strategy to each encounter.

Varied Locations and Unique Goals

With several types of locations such as woods, villages, and towns, each monster in Teraphobia must collect different location cards to fulfill their unique goals. Players must adapt their strategies accordingly, adding depth and replayability to the game.

Victory through Domination

In Teraphobia, victory is achieved by sending monsters to specific locations. If a player manages to send two out of their three monsters to the designated location, they emerge victorious, solidifying their dominance over the realm of fear.


Teraphobia offers a unique and mature approach to the 1vs1 card game genre, with its dark thematic elements and solid, strategic gameplay. With its outstanding graphic design, diverse cast of monsters, and dynamic card mechanics, Teraphobia is a compelling choice for players seeking a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. Whether facing off against a partner or friend, Teraphobia promises hours of strategic fun and intense competition.

– David

Hype & Hopes: 7.5/10

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