The Castles of Burgundy Special Edition: Honest & Precise Review

The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition

A Timeless Gem Polished to Perfection

Board game aficionados, get ready to revisit a modern classic with The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition. This game has been buffed and shined to offer a familiar yet refined experience that’ll have you building your estate with renewed gusto. Whether you’re a veteran strategist or a newcomer to the realm of tile-placement games, this edition brings something fresh to the table.

Seamless Strategy with a Visual Overhaul

What sets The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition apart is the seamless melding of strategic depth with accessibility. Each turn is a mini-puzzle where you draft tiles, place them on your board, and watch your principality flourish. The new edition enhances this with a visual overhaul – the artwork is crisper, the tiles are more distinguishable, and the player boards have never looked better, making the game not just fun to play but also a treat for the eyes.

A Buffet of Choices with a Side of Luck

Gameplay in Castles of Burgundy always feels like a buffet of choices – and with the Special Edition, the spread is wider than ever. There’s a bit of luck in the dice you roll, sure, but it’s how you use those dice that matters. And if luck isn’t on your side, well, there are ways around that. Use workers to tweak your rolls, or leverage knowledge tiles for a strategic pivot – the game gives you the tools to craft your fate.

Enhanced Components for an Immersive Experience

This edition doesn’t just play better; it feels better, too. The upgraded components include thicker tiles and sturdier player boards. This tactile improvement means that setting up your estate is more satisfying than ever, though you might need a bit more table space. But hey, for a game this good, it’s worth clearing some extra room on the gaming table.

Variety is the Spice of Gaming

Variety’s not just the spice of life; it’s the core of replayability in board games, and The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition delivers by the carriage-load. With numerous player boards and the inclusion of all previously released expansions, you’ve got a recipe for endless replayability. Each game feels different, with new strategies to explore and tactics to employ.


To wrap it up, The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition is a no-brainer for those looking to add a cornerstone to their board game collection. It’s a meticulously upgraded version of a beloved classic that balances strategic depth with an approachable learning curve. This game is a testament to the timelessness of great game design, now with a polish that makes it shine brighter than ever. Dive into this world of estate building and let the hours slip by – you won’t regret it. – David

Scratches: 8.0/10

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