Dungeon Saga Origins: Honest & Precise Review

Dungeon Saga Origins

A New Era for Dungeon Crawlers

Mantic Games brings a fresh perspective to the dungeon crawler genre with its latest offering, Dungeon Saga Origins. Intended as a spiritual successor to the beloved HeroQuest, this game aims to rejuvenate the classic dungeon exploration experience with contemporary mechanics and engaging gameplay. Join me as I delve into the depths of this promising title.

A Treasured Hoard

One of the most striking aspects of Dungeon Saga Origins is its commitment to quality and value. From the detailed miniatures to the sturdy game boards, Mantic Games has not skimped on the production. The Kickstarter delivery was punctual, a commendable feat in today’s board gaming world, setting a high standard for both Kickstarter campaigns and dungeon crawler genre.

Classic with a Contemporary Flair

Dungeon Saga Origins shines in its ability to blend traditional dungeon crawler elements with modern gameplay mechanics. The game offers a streamlined experience that is accessible to newcomers while still providing depth for veteran players. The digital overlord, an innovative feature still in beta, adds a dynamic and unpredictable element to the gameplay, keeping each session fresh and exciting.

A Balancing Act

While the game excels in many areas, it does face challenges in terms of complexity and pacing. New players may find the rulebook a bit daunting, and the game’s rhythm slower than expected. However, these are minor setbacks in an otherwise engaging experience. The automated overlord system, though complex, promises an evolution in how dungeon crawlers are played.

Endless Adventures Await

Dungeon Saga Origins offers high replayability, with each quest bringing new challenges and strategies to the table. The game encourages strategic thinking, with players needing to carefully consider their moves and adapt to the ever-changing dungeon environment. The balance between risk and reward is finely tuned, making for an exhilarating adventure every time.

Immersive and Nostalgic

The game’s aesthetic is a true homage to classic fantasy, with a touch of modernity. The miniatures are beautifully crafted, each imbued with character and detail. The art style strikes a perfect balance between the nostalgic feel of old-school dungeon crawlers and the expectations of today’s gamers. This visual appeal enhances the overall immersive experience of the game.

Target Audience and Expectations

Dungeon Saga Origins is an ideal choice for those yearning for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, yet desiring something more than just a simple retread. It caters to both families and groups of friends looking for a casual, yet engaging dungeon crawl. However, players seeking the depth and complexity of games like Gloomhaven may find it lacking in comparison.


In conclusion, Dungeon Saga Origins is a commendable effort by Mantic Games to breathe new life into the dungeon crawler genre. It succeeds in paying homage to its predecessors while carving out its own identity. The game strikes a fine balance between nostalgia and innovation, making it a worthy addition to any board game collection. Whether you are a long-time fan of dungeon crawlers or a newcomer to the genre, Dungeon Saga Origins offers a captivating experience that shouldn’t be missed. – David

Scratches: 7.5/10.0

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