Mosaic War & Disasters: Honest & Precise Review

Mosaic Wars and Disasters

Unexpected Turns in a Familiar Universe

When “Mosaic” first graced our tables, it presented a game different from our initial expectations – less a traditional civilization game, more a strategic exercise in card management and point collection. While it charmed us with its unique approach, it left us yearning for more in areas like warfare and endgame excitement. Enter the “War & Disasters” expansion by Forbidden Games, promising to fill these gaps and redefine the “Mosaic” experience.

Asymmetrical Powers and Strategic Depth

The “War & Disasters” expansion brilliantly amplifies the game’s asymmetry. Each nation gains new powers, enriching their identities and strategic possibilities. This enhancement not only adds to the game’s complexity but does so in a way that maintains the crucial balance between the different factions, making every choice and move even more compelling.

Reimagined Warfare: A Game Changer

The expansion redefines Mosaic’s military aspect, which was previously symbolic at best. The addition of robust tech cards and naval units injects a new level of strategic consideration, transforming the war elements into a thrilling and integral part of the game. Special tiles with one-time military powers are a highlight, offering game-changing abilities that, while challenging to obtain, can dramatically alter the course of play.

The Admiral: A Singular but Impactful Addition

While the expansion introduces only one new leader – the Admiral – his presence significantly alters gameplay. Excelling in naval warfare, the Admiral’s slow start is well-compensated by formidable mid-to-late game strengths, particularly when leveraging ships and advanced tech cards for imperial scoring advantages.

Taxation and Tariffs: Room for Improvement

However, not every aspect of the expansion hits the mark. The tax and tariff mechanics, crucial for resource management, suffer from a lack of flexibility. The limited card row can lead to stagnation, especially when it becomes overpopulated with tax cards, thereby diminishing the utility of map-based resource collection. This area would benefit greatly from a mechanism that allows for more frequent card rotation.

Disasters: A Missed Opportunity

The disaster mechanic, intended to add tension and strategic considerations, unfortunately falls short. The penalties for failing to meet disaster conditions are often negligible, leading players to overlook these cards. This component of the expansion could have been a pivotal addition, but its impact is lessened by its lack of severity.


In sum, the “War & Disasters” expansion is not just an add-on; it’s a transformative element that elevates “Mosaic” from a good to a great game. Despite some areas needing refinement, the expansion addresses key weaknesses of the base game and introduces exciting new dynamics. Its enhancements to asymmetry, warfare, and strategic depth make “Mosaic” a richer, more engaging experience. The “War & Disasters” expansion is, therefore, an essential addition for any fan of “Mosaic,” ensuring the game’s place as a cherished title in our collection. – David.

Scratches: 8.5/10.0

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