Fox Experiment: Honest & Precise Review

Fox Experiment

Clever Blend of Science and Strategy

Fox Experiment brings a unique angle to the table, marrying the historical significance of Dmitry Belyayev’s silver fox domestication study with the competitive fun of board gaming. It’s a rare chance to step into the shoes of a scientist, and Elizabeth Hargrave alongside Jeff Fraser have crafted a game that’s as quirky as it is educational. You start with just a pair of foxes, but over five rounds, you’ll navigate the complexities of breeding, trait selection, and even a touch of scientific danger.

Simple Beginnings to Genetic Mastery

Starting simple, the game scales up with complexity as you progress, much like the foxes’ traits. Each round represents a generation, starting with a draft that pits your strategy against your rivals’. The tension of choice is real—grab the fox with the spots or risk it for a better bark? It’s playful yet thought-provoking, setting the stage for an engaging experience.

Dice-Rolling with a Genetic Twist

As you pair your foxes and roll the dice for offspring, you get a tangible feel for the randomness and strategy of genetics. The game cleverly uses dice to simulate breeding outcomes, with plenty of room for tactical decisions. Marking traits on dry-erase cards is a clever touch, keeping things fluid and reusable.

Evolving Gameplay with Each Round

What truly stands out is how offspring become the next generation’s breeding pool, bringing your decisions full circle. It’s a dynamic mechanic that rewards long-term planning and adds emotional attachment, especially when you start naming your custom-bred foxes. The inclusion of an inbreeding rule adds an extra layer of strategy, compelling players to diversify their genetic stock or face penalties.

Unleashed Potential with Each Generation

As generations pass, the stakes and bonuses escalate, and so does the handful of dice you’re managing. Research cards shake things up, offering rule-bending abilities and scoring opportunities. However, the game’s reflection of the historical tension and danger feels a bit underplayed—a missed opportunity to deepen the theme.

Polished Design with a Few Loose Strands

The game shines in its broad appeal and thematic integration, though it’s not without its messier moments. Dice rolling, while central to gameplay, can become cumbersome, and the thrill of diversity diminishes as the game progresses, leading to a convergence in fox traits.


Fox Experiment is a light, yet intricate game that might not capture the cutthroat strategist’s heart but will undoubtedly charm those looking for a blend of history, science, and fun. Its nods to real-world science add depth, while its easy-to-learn mechanics make it accessible. It’s not without its flaws—the dice can feel clunky, and the endgame may lack the genetic diversity you’d hope for—but these are small quibbles in an otherwise delightful game. Whether you’re a fan of Wingspan or just love the idea of donning a lab coat in game form, Fox Experiment is a title worth exploring. So, roll up your sleeves and prepare for a foxy foray into genetics with this engaging board game. – David

Scratches: 7.5/10

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