Expeditions: Honest & Precise Review


Innovative Card Play Meets Exploration

Expeditions, the latest board game published by Stonemaier Games, sets players on a journey of discovery, strategy, and resource management. Unlike the typical fare that emphasizes either combat or cooperation, Expeditions leans into a unique blend of card play and action sequencing that challenges players to think strategically about every move. The game’s core revolves around efficiently utilizing cards for actions, exploring a vast map, and completing quests, all while managing resources and avoiding the pitfalls of corruption.

Gameplay Dynamics and Decision Making

At the heart of Expeditions is a deeply satisfying card play and action sequencing system. Players must carefully consider the order in which they play their cards, balance the expansion of their tableau, and strategically time the retrieval of their cards to maximize efficiency. This creates a rich decision-making space that rewards foresight and planning. The addition of ongoing abilities and one-shot effects from tucked cards adds layers to the strategy, making each decision impactful.

Pacing and Progression: A Mixed Bag

While Expeditions boasts an engaging gameplay loop, its pacing presents a double-edged sword. The game starts slowly, requiring patience as players build up their capabilities. This slow burn can be both a blessing and a curse, allowing for strategic depth but potentially testing the patience of those accustomed to faster-paced games. The mid to late game picks up speed, culminating in a competitive race to trigger the endgame, yet this shift in pace might not compensate for the initial sluggishness for all players.

Thematic Elements: Beautiful Yet Abstract

The thematic presentation of Expeditions, from its high-quality artwork to the intricately designed components, promises an immersive adventure. However, the gameplay itself tends toward the abstract, with quests and exploration feeling more like strategic exercises than thematic experiences. This disconnect between the game’s visual and thematic promise and its gameplay reality may leave players yearning for a deeper narrative immersion.

Mechanical Depth and Missed Opportunities

Expeditions introduces several innovative mechanics, such as the removal of corruption and the strategic use of map tokens. However, some elements feel underdeveloped or disconnected from the game’s core mechanics. For instance, map tokens quickly lose their significance, and the quest system, while initially promising, becomes repetitive and lacks depth. These aspects suggest potential areas for expansion or refinement in future iterations or expansions.

The Quest for Balance and Replayability

Balancing issues arise with certain mech abilities and character options, creating disparities in player power and strategy viability. Additionally, the game’s length and the phenomenon of accumulating unused resources by its end point highlight a need for tightening and rebalancing. Despite these concerns, the game’s strategic depth and the varied strategies it accommodates suggest a solid foundation for high replayability, especially for those drawn to its strategic puzzles.


Expeditions stands as a testament to Stonemaier Games’ ambition to innovate within the board gaming space. Its core mechanics of card play and action sequencing are a delight for strategy enthusiasts, offering a complex puzzle that evolves with each playthrough. However, the game’s pacing, thematic execution, and some undercooked elements temper the excitement. Expeditions is a solid framework with untapped potential, ideal for players who relish strategic depth and are patient with its slower start and abstracted theme. While it may not reach the thematic heights it aspires to, it provides a compelling strategic experience that will satisfy those looking for a thoughtful and challenging board game adventure. For now, Expeditions feels like a journey worth taking, with the hope that future expansions will fully unlock its potential and deepen the adventure. – David

Scratches: 7.5/10.0

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