Black Rose Wars Duel Lex: Honest & Precise Review

Black Rose Wars Duel Lex

Dueling Mages: A Quickfire Battle

“Black Rose Wars: Duel – Lex” by Ludus Magnus Studio brings the mystical battles of the Black Rose Lodge into a concentrated blast of arcane warfare. This latest installment serves up a fast-paced duel where two mages vie for dominance in the underground chambers of a Templar stronghold, wielding spells from a common deck with the goal of outmaneuvering their opponent.

A Tactical Spellbook at Your Fingertips

The game is a distillation of the beloved ‘Black Rose Wars’ formula, offering a streamlined experience that retains the core of the strategic gameplay. Players craft their strategy from a shared deck, honing their spell choices to their playstyle, ensuring that each duel feels unique and challenging.

The Art of Quick Spells and Fast Duels

With an average playtime of 30/45 minutes, ‘Duel – Lex’ respects your time while still delivering a fulfilling experience. It’s an ideal choice for those evenings when you crave the depth of a strategic board game but have only an hour to spare. The brisk pace allows for multiple rounds, giving players the chance to refine their strategies and engage in several rematches in one session.

Expansion and Integration: More Than Just a Duel

Beyond its standalone value, ‘Duel – Lex’ also serves as an expansion to the larger ‘Black Rose Wars’ universe. It introduces new mages, spells, and challenges that breathe fresh life into the original game, expanding its boundaries and replayability. This dual nature of the game ensures that your investment pays dividends in both immediate enjoyment and future gameplay variety.

Teaching the Art of Magical Warfare

For newcomers, ‘Duel – Lex’ is a perfect introduction to the mechanics and magic of the ‘Black Rose Wars’ series. It offers a hands-on approach to learning the system, while also enticing seasoned players with new strategic dimensions and beautifully crafted miniatures that continue the tradition of high-quality components.

Lex: A School of Magic Reimagined

The addition of the Lex School of Magic brings new evocations and forgotten spells into the fray, enriching the strategic options available to players. These elements, along with the inclusion of Templars and Catacombs, create a game environment that is ever-changing and ripe with possibilities for cunning spellwork and clever play.


“Black Rose Wars: Duel – Lex” is a spellbinding experience that captures the essence of its predecessor in a quicker, more focused format. It offers both a gateway for novices and a new battleground for veterans, delivering on its promise of engaging, magical duels. Whether you’re looking to dive into the ‘Black Rose Wars’ universe or simply seeking a game that combines speed with strategic depth, ‘Duel – Lex’ stands as a formidable contender in the arena of two-player games. The enchantment of the Black Rose Lodge has never been more accessible or more thrilling. – David

Scratches: 8.0/10.0

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