Divinity Original Sin: Honest & Precise Review


An Epic Clash of Deities

In the ever-expanding universe of board games, Divinus by Lucky Duck Games stands out for its innovative approach to blending digital and physical gameplay elements. At its core, Divinus is a tile-laying and dice manipulation game that embarks players on an ambitious journey through a campaign of 12 scenarios. Players assume the roles of demi-gods caught in a tumultuous conflict between Norse and Greek pantheons, striving to influence the outcome of this divine war.

Seamless Integration of App and Gameplay

One of the most remarkable features of Divinus is its seamless integration of a companion app into the gameplay. This app not only tracks points and story progression but also introduces new mechanics as the campaign advances. This approach ensures that each scenario feels fresh, offering players a gradually evolving gameplay experience. The app’s role in revealing the story and adjusting the game rules adds a dynamic layer to the player’s strategy, making each decision crucial in the long-term narrative.

Strategic Depth in Simplicity

At first glance, the gameplay mechanics of Divinus might appear straightforward. Players roll dice, then use basic arithmetic to match these dice with tiles on a shared board. This puzzle-like mechanism for tile selection—coupled with the strategic placement of these tiles on one’s personal map—creates a surprisingly deep strategic experience. The initial simplicity belies a complex puzzle that players must navigate, balancing immediate gains against long-term objectives and story progression.

A Legacy of Change and Choice

Divinus distinguishes itself further with its legacy elements. As the campaign progresses, players will find themselves making choices that not only influence the immediate game but also have lasting effects on future scenarios. Stickers are applied to tiles and dice, permanently altering their functions and introducing new strategies. This legacy aspect ensures that by the end of the campaign, each player will have a unique version of the game, tailored by the choices made throughout their journey.

The Divine Dilemma: Pros and Cons


  • Legacy Gaming Made Accessible: Divinus brings the legacy game concept into a more casual, family-friendly realm. Its rules are easy to grasp, making it an excellent gateway for those new to the legacy genre.
  • Engaging Narrative: The game’s story is compelling, weaving together the mythologies of Norse and Greek gods in a way that feels both epic and personal. The app-driven story progression keeps players engaged, eager to see how their actions shape the divine conflict.
  • Innovative Dice and Tile Mechanics: The combination of dice manipulation and tile placement offers a unique gameplay experience. It’s a puzzle that rewards strategic planning and adaptability, ensuring that no two games feel the same.


  • Heavy Reliance on App: While the app integration is a highlight, it may deter players who prefer a more traditional, unplugged board game experience. The game’s reliance on digital components means that playing without the app is not feasible.
  • Ambiguity in Winning Conditions: The evolving nature of the game can sometimes make winning conditions feel unclear, especially for newcomers to legacy or app-integrated games. Players must be willing to embrace the journey without always knowing what the next scenario might bring.
  • Commitment Required: The legacy elements of Divinus necessitate a commitment to see the campaign through to the end. This could be a challenge for groups that struggle to meet regularly or prefer games with less continuity.


Divinus represents a bold step forward in the integration of digital and physical gameplay elements. Its unique blend of mythology, strategy, and legacy mechanics creates a rich, immersive experience that evolves with each play. While the heavy app integration and the commitment required for a legacy campaign might not suit every gamer, those willing to embark on this divine journey will find a deeply rewarding experience. Divinus is not just a game but an adventure that transforms and grows, offering a narrative depth and strategic complexity that are rare in the board gaming world. For those intrigued by the clash of gods and the blend of fate and strategy, Divinus is a worthy addition to your gaming collection, promising a journey filled with twists, turns, and divine intervention. – David

Scratches: 7.0/10.0

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