The Eternaut: Prototype Review and Impressions

The Eternaut

A Fresh Survival Narrative in Board Gaming

“The Eternaut” by Pendragon Games Studio is not just a game; it’s a survival story set against the backdrop of Buenos Aires, as depicted in the classic comics. With its launch on Kickstarter imminent (link here), we received a prototype that promises a fresh experience, whether or not you’re familiar with the source material.

Engaging and Intuitive Gameplay Mechanics

The beauty of “The Eternaut” lies in its straightforward mechanics that invite players into an immersive survival story. The game challenges you to build teams, combat enemies, and make critical decisions that affect your journey. It’s a nod to the classic point-and-click adventures, transformed into a tabletop experience that emphasizes player freedom and inventive item usage.

Strategic Depth and Cooperative Play

At its core, it’s a cooperative game that requires players to think ahead and strategize. Much like modern classics such as “This War of Mine,” it offers a refreshing take on survival with modern mechanics. The game allows for a diverse range of interactions, ensuring that each playthrough feels new and challenging.

Innovative Card Management System

Unique to “The Eternaut” is its card management system. All actions are tied to the cards in your hand, and your goal is to optimize these moves. The cooperative aspect shines here as you work with other players to maximize your turns and avoid exhaustion, reminiscent of the tension and teamwork in “Mansion of Madness.”

Simple Rules, Endless Strategic Possibilities

Despite its straightforward rules, “The Eternaut” provides plenty of room for creative strategies and combos. It’s easy to pick up, yet it offers depth that will keep strategic minds engaged. This balance makes the game accessible to newcomers while still appealing to seasoned gamers.

A Rich, Thematic Experience

The game excels in delivering a thematic experience. The game’s setting and narrative draw you into a world where every decision holds weight. It’s a game that’s both a tribute to its comic origins and a standalone adventure, ensuring that both fans and new players can enjoy the story unfolding on their table.

Flexibility and Replayability

Thanks to the game’s paragraph system, the replayability is high. Characters, items, and points of interest all come with numbers, and by combining these, you create new interactions and outcomes. This system allows for a flexible approach to environmental puzzles, giving players several ways to navigate through scenarios.


“The Eternaut” is a compelling addition to the board gaming world, offering a survival narrative enriched with strategic gameplay and a deep thematic foundation. Its innovative card management system, coupled with a strong intellectual property, makes for an engaging cooperative experience. While it could benefit from more character development options, its focus on strategic survival gameplay and the ability to craft a unique story each time you play more than compensates. For those looking for a game that combines narrative depth with strategic play, “The Eternaut” is a journey worth taking. – David

Hype & Hopes: 8.0/10

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